Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season – 17

Well, it’s here at last, the grand finale to one of 2010’s biggest anime productions. Or at least we hope so, because given how long it’s taken to reach this stage, I wouldn’t fully bet on this being the final season yet. That’s right boys and girls, SnK is finally here with its epic conclusion, and if you haven’t already

spoiled yourself on what happens here yet best strap and get ready for some chaos. This season is going to go places, and they’re not the places at all you thought would be explored. Not in the slightest.

Given how long it’s been since the first half of this finale last year I’m kind of surprised to see SnK jump right back into the thick of things, but it’s certainly appreciated. Eren (Kaji Yuuki) after all really jumped ship previously, initiating a mass Paradis euthanasia plan for the sake of peace and crippling Marley’s leadership in order to gain an insurmountable head start on it. Or so he thought at the time. As we know Marley wasn’t as crippled as the Yeagerists thought, and this opener emphatically proved it with the likes of Pieck, Reiner, and Theo showing up to put the ripped edgy screamy boy back into his place (and maybe to help Gabi too, never underestimate a good deed). Need a good amount of destruction in your openers to help ring in a new season? You won’t be disappointed here. MAPPA too is really bringing their A game to show off all of this, and while I imagine the complaints vis a vis Wit will remain, there’s no denying the animation (and soundtrack!) is on point. At minimum this one is going to be fun watch, especially once the real action begins in earnest.

Of course such action is only dressing for the plot and the first clues of what’s to come are already on the table. Levi for example is a big piece of the puzzle, what between his current state suggesting death and Hange’s move firmly indicating otherwise, but there’s also some poignant foreshadowing I assure you will be very important later on. Then too comes the matter of Onyankapon and the betrayal within betrayal which you can bet without doubt is only going to get weirder and confusing as events start proceeding apace. If Armin’s increasingly desperate rationalizing over Eren’s actual plan and Misaka’s internal dilemma over her free will is character breaking chaos enough at this stage for you, spoiler alert, it’s nothing compared to what’s coming down the pipeline. There’s a whole lot of crazy to experience once the Rumbling does (or does not) get started, and I for one am looking forward to seeing just how this maelstrom winds up adapted.

Considering what’s already been teased in previews and OP both, I expect the results are going to be glorious in one way or another.

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