10 Manga Like “One Piece”

About One Piece

The “Pirate Age” is here! Everyone’s taking to the seas in hopes of finding the legendary treasure, One Piece! But this quest is a dangerous endeavor! The seas—especially the Grand Line—are brimming with peril and terror. In order to reach the One Piece and become the Pirate King, hopeful seekers must become tremendously powerful, possess enormous willpower and courage, and maintain a dependable pirate crew.
Monkey D. Luffy is up for the job! He’s a young man who dreams of becoming the Pirate King. And he’s going to do everything in order to achieve his dream! With his strange “Gomu Gomu Power,” which gives him the properties of rubber, and his trusty pirate crew—the Straw Hats—Luffy is on his way to the Grand Line to plunder his dream.

Since One Piece is so popular in both anime and manga form, I wanted to list recommendations for people everywhere. Here are some manga like One Piece.

10 Manga to Read if You Like One Piece
Fairy Tail
Black Clover
Hunter x Hunter
Nanatsu no Taizai
Dragon Ball

1. Toriko

In a world where food is the greatest commodity of all, what else can you expect but . . . FOOD FIGHTS! Yes, food is to die for in this series! If you have no tasty food or decent cuisine to share, then you have no right to be here! But if you do have the skills, then get ready, because you’ll need to go off on a crazy ingredient hunt!

One of the most renowned “Gourmet Hunters” in the world is Toriko. He’s an insane-level hunter who hunts for mythical creatures in order to use them as ingredients in his cooking. His dream is the create the ultimate full-course meal!

Now he’s being sought by a newbie chef named Komatsu. But why? For what purpose? Whatever the reason is, it looks like a feast-full of action-packed cooking adventures is simmering on the corner stove.


To become the Hokage—this is Uzumaki Naruto’s ultimate dream! The “Hokage” is the most powerful and respected chief ninja in the village of Konoha. Since Naruto had a very rough life from the moment he was born, he’s highly dedicated and determined to reach his dream no matter what it takes.

The road to becoming a great ninja is a grueling and demanding path. Naruto will fight until he reaches his dream while passing through many challenging trials and tribulations caused by the accursed demon fox sealed within him. Follow Naruto as he walks the path of a gutsy ninja and proves to everyone that he’s worthy to become the Hokage!

Fairy Tail

In the world of Earthland, everything is governed by the utilization of magic. Therefore, all sorts of wizards and mages exist. The large number of wizards and mages necessitates the existence of the Wizard Guilds, one of which stands notorious. That wizard guild is none other than Fairy Tail!

Lucy Heartfilia is a celestial wizard who desperately wants to join Fairy Tail. She has heard a lot about the infamous guild and joining it has slowly become her dream. Finally, fate moves its playful hands to help her. The famous “Salamander” of Fairy Tail suddenly bumps into Lucy in the town of Fiore, and from there, Lucy’s unforgettable, one-of-a-kind magical adventure begins!

  1. Black Clover
    Friends, rivals, and possessors of the same dreams, Asta and Yuno have grown together since childhood. They both have very similar lives. Abandoned and left to live on their own, both Asta and Yuno have grown up dreaming of becoming the Emperor Magus. But the moment the two reached age fifteen, their differences became apparent!

Asta is no good at magic! Therefore, he works tirelessly and industriously in order to build strength and endurance and to train in combat skills. Yuno, on the other hand, is brilliant at wielding magic. He is given a rare Four-Leaf Clover Grimoire that is suited to him. But then, surprisingly, there’s a twist; Asta is not ordinary at all. He’s given the Five-Leaf Clover Grimoire—a mysterious black clover with origins shrouded in darkness.

  1. Kubera
    In this fantasy world, there exist immortal gods, powerful suras, and humans. A girl who is prophesized to bring enormous change is caught in the middle. The girl is Kubera, and she is a human with a god’s name!

Living through the destruction of her village by fire, Kubera survives to bring about justice and retribution. She was saved by a strange magician named Asha. She and Asha then come to an agreement and become cohorts. As companions, both venture throughout the world with certain goals in mind—the search for truth and the execution of vengeance!

Hunter x Hunter
Monsters, beasts, legendary creatures, strange items, unknown lands—these mysteries flood the world endlessly. The profession of hunting came about as a means to explore and discover more about this mysterious world. Being a hunter is kind of a big deal. It’s not easy to become one since danger is a staple, but upon becoming one, V.I.P. treatment, riches, and fame await!

12-year-old Gon Freecs is a boy who wants to become a hunter. His goal is to hunt his ever-evasive father who’s a hunter himself. It’s not a walk in the park, though, as Gon discovers that he needs to take the immensely difficult hunter examination if he ever wants to achieve anything. Gon will also have to pass through countless other difficulties before he becomes a hunter who’s capable enough to hunt his father.

Nanatsu no Taizai
The holy knights of the kingdom of Liones are out of control! Instead of protecting the kingdom and keeping the peace, they are turning things into a mess with corruption and depravity. Who will save the kingdom now?

There’s still hope and princess Elizabeth is it! With rusty armor, princess Elizabeth starts her daunting search for the kingdom’s most wanted criminals—the Seven Deadly Sins! Yes, the situation’s that desperate; the only shimmer of hope lies in the hands of hardened criminals. Or are they? But princess Elizabeth is sure of it—only the Seven Deadly Sins can save the kingdom now.

There’s a strange phenomenon occurring around the world. Suddenly, gigantic towers called labyrinths are sprouting up everywhere. It is said that these labyrinths contain incredible amounts of treasure and power. But conquering them is certainly not an easy task! It takes strength, willpower, and luck in order to survive the horrors of the labyrinths!

A boy sets out to explore the world. His name is Aladdin and he’s one of the magi! With the power of a magi, Aladdin’s task is to guide the world into equilibrium and righteousness. But before he can do that, he must see the world’s state with his own eyes. Will he discover the mystery of the dungeons? Will he find the truth about the world and its guiding principles?

In the warring period of China, kingdoms engage in battles continuously in the hopes of gaining power and control over all. The wars have resulted in countless deaths and unfortunate events. Young, old, middle-aged—everyone’s involved! This is the sad truth of war.

Xin Li is a boy who has experienced the horrors of war since birth. As a result, he dreamed of becoming a mighty general. It’s a dream shared by his friend Piao. One day, Piao dies, which results in Xin meeting the young king, Zheng Ying. This is his most awaited moment! This fateful meeting is Xin’s ticket to his dream and ambition!

Dragon Ball
From zero to over 9000, this is the story of how a young boy goes from nothing to something! The boy’s name is Son Goku, and he’s not just any ordinary boy!

With the world in constant danger, Goku goes on several adventures, saving the world each time. On the side, Goku also collects the Dragon Balls. It is said that when one gathers all seven Dragon Balls, a wish of any caliber will be granted by a dragon. And so, this has become Goku’s task! Go through amazing exploits, get stronger by defeating challengers and

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