10 Ways To Look Beautiful & Confident Again After Having A Baby

Did you just have a baby? Congratulations! You are already beautiful and confident because you’ve gone through so much and we’re sure you’re still smiling. The nine months of pregnancy and delivery can definitely make a lot of things change. The acne, the pigmentation, stretch marks, added weight, and C-section scars- all of them would seem like too much right now. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Take a look at these simple and effective tips that’ll help you look beautiful and confident like before:

1) Eat Healthily

When you were pregnant, you gave into all your cravings. Remember that extra sweet and fatty thing you ate almost every two days? Yeah, that can’t keep going on now. Also, you ate a lot more than how much you used to, in order to ensure proper nutrients for yourself as well as the baby.

2) Workout

Take rest after you’re back home. Unless you’ve had a C-section, you can start working out pretty soon. Even if you’ve had a C-section, wait until you’re ready and start working out with lighter routines. Do consult a trainer before you start working out after pregnancy because even a small mistake can hurt you bad.

3) Buy New Undergarments

By now all of your undergarments would probably look like you inherited them from your grandmother. Even if you’re breastfeeding the baby, get stylish nursing bras and panties. What you wear inside does play a very important role in building up your confidence. Occasionally, you can surprise your hubby with some hot lingerie!

4) Spend A Lot Of Time With Your Baby

You may feel less confident when you go out with your friends because you don’t look the same or feel the same anymore. Well, make that your strength because you’ve done so much more than the rest of the people you hang out with! Spend quality time with your baby and every time you feel upset about the way your body has changed, feel proud that you made this baby! There’s no one better in cheering you up than your baby.

5) Sleep Enough

Sleeping well will heal your body and help you stay fresh and active throughout the day. This may seem like an impossible task with all the feeding, crying, and diaper changing but sleep whenever your baby is sleeping so that you get enough of it.

6) Let Daddy Take Over

Let daddy take responsibility for a while so that you can go out and catch up with your friends or go shopping! C’mon, you deserve a break. Separation from the baby can be hard but you can be at your best and take care of things better only when you’re happy.

7) Get Extra Help

If your husband is super busy and you need to take a break from handling everything at home, get some extra help. Ask your parents or your husband’s parents to come to stay with you so that you don’t have to do everything while you’re still recovering. This will also give you some extra time to focus on yourself. In case they cannot make it, hire someone to help you for a couple of months.

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