The Hottest Fall Nails for 2022


In this post I’ll show you the hottest fall nails for 2022 including skittle nails in fall hues, torties, simple natural nails, sweater nails and all the best colors trends to try this year. I hope you get inspired to treat yourself to a manicure this season. Read to the end to see one-of-a kind nails that no one else will have!

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Cute Fall Nails

Are you looking for some cute fall nail ideas?  Flowers, like daisies or little hearts on nails are very popular this year.  I love the look of a flower or heart on a clear or light nail.  Check out some inspiration below for some of the cutest nail designs this year.

Daisy Stiletto Nails

floral fall nails

Try a floral design on a natural color nail to be on trend this year.  For fall orange and white makes a pretty combination.

Mini Hearts Fall Nail Art

cute fall nails

This color pallet is what fall is all about.  The mini hearts are a cute touch.

Square Tip Floral Gel Nails

cute fall nails with flowers

Nude nails with small flowers are one of the prettiest fall trends.

Fall Almond Floral Nails

cute fall nails with daisies

For a pretty fall design try alternating brown nails with little flowers.

Pink and Brown Acrylic Nail Design

cute fall nails

Light pink and brown make an amazing fall color combo.  The daisy accent nail is a flawless touch.

Autumn Nail Designs 2022

Let’s look at some of the hottest nail designs this year.  These include abstract nails, pretty natural designs, retro nails and more.  Check them out below.

Abstract Painter’s Pallet Nail Design

fall nails

This beautiful nail design is inspired by a painter’s pallet.  It looks amazing in beautiful fall colors.

Short Nails with Abstract Design

fall nail designs 2022

Abstract nails are very hot this year.  I love how they don’t show imperfections and you can get really creative with the design.

Matte Abstract Nail Design

autumn nail designs

Here’s another beautiful abstract design with a little swirl that I’ll definitely be copying this fall.

Fun Black and White Almond Nails

autumn nail designs 2022

This black and white nail design is super fun.  I’m loving the combo of the checkers and the smiley faces.

Retro Oval Fall Nails

2022 fall nails

Retro nails are all the rage.  The orange and red color scheme works perfectly for autumn.

Gold Fleck Autumn Design

pretty fall nails

Create a pattern with your favorite fall hues and add some gold flakes for a stunning design.

Fall Nail Designs

There are certain fall nail designs that are just timeless and will never go out of style.  Included are leopard print, plaid, dots, tortie nails, and swirls in beautiful fall hues.  Check out the very best fall nail designs below.

Short Nails with Leopard Print

fall nail designs for 2022

Leopard print is always going to look amazing in the fall with neutral colors like brown and black.  This pattern looks great on short nails.

Orange and Black Plaid Gel Nails

fall nails plaid

Plaid is another classic fall nail design.  Choose one nail as an accent with the plaid design in your favorite fall hues.

Fall Swirl Nails

fall nails 2022 swirls

The swirl design is always stunning.  For fall try browns, creams and white.

Tortie and Dots Fall Design

fall nails tortie

Polka dots and tortie nails are always a winning combination.  Pair them with natural colors to complete your fall look.

Fall Nails 2022 Color Trends

Read on to check out some inspiration of the best fall nail colors.  This year you’ll see a lot of shades of brown, orange, green and even black.  Check out my favorites below.

Fall Multi-Color Set

fall nail colors

Are you looking for the perfect fall multi-color combination?  Try orange, green, and beige for a stunning combo.

Almond Pumpkin Cream Nail Color

fall nail colors pumpkin

Any shade of orange is in style this year. I’m obsessed with the amazing pumpkin cream color.  The glazed finish sets if off!

Forest Green Glitter Manicure

fall nail colors green

Forest green is one of the hottest colors this fall.  It pairs beautifully with this rose gold shard glitter.

Chocolate Brown Gel Nails

fall nail colors brown

Chocolate brown is one of the most popular fall colors this year.  It looks great both with a matte or a shiny finish.

Simple Fall Nail Designs Trends for 2022

Simple nail designs are very hot this year.  Use light and natural colors with minimal accents to pull off the simple nail design.  Find some inspiration with the beautiful simple nail ideas below.

Simple Brown Fall Manicure

fall nails

Choose your favorite two fall colors for a simple beautiful fall manicure.

Teal & Blue Almond Design

fall nails 2022

This color combination of dark blue and teal would be stunning this fall.  I’m loving this simple, pretty design.

Dotted Fall Manicure

fall nails 2022

This is a simple and unique nail design with tiny dots in pretty fall hues.

Tortie French Tips

tortie french tip

French tips in fall hues or a classic fall design is simple and stunning

Sweater Nails

One of my favorite fall nail trends are sweater nails. These remind you that it’s sweater weather and make you want to just get cozy in your favorite cable nit. You can try this look out on all of your nails, an accent nail or just the tips.

Even though it looks very complicated it’s not as hard as it looks. To create this look you’ll need gel nail polish, a detailed brush and a nail cleaning solution. Check out my favorite designs below for inspiration and then search Pinterest for a tutorial.

Sweater Nails in Fall Colors

You can try out the sweater design in multi-colors.

Sweater French Manicure

Or just adding the design to the tips of your nails is a simple fun look.

Sweater Accent Nails

I also love the look of one sweater accent nail with some other fun fall patterns.

Fall Pattern Medley Nails

I love the trend I’m seeing a lot this year to mix and match your nails with all the fall patterns. Each nail will be a different pattern like leopard, tortoise shell, plaid, sweater knit, dots, stripes and a mix of your favorite autumn colors. Check out some of my favorite ideas below to copy this new style.

A couple of fall patterned nails with solids makes a pretty fall combo.

Pretty Fall Nail Medley

Here’s another beautiful combination with a tortie accent nail.

Mix and Match Nail Design

Can’t pick my favorite design in this group.

Yellow, Black, Plaid & Sweater Nails

Yellow and black are a fun twist on the autumn color schemes.

French Manicure with a Twist

I love the classic French manicure. Do you? I’m also loving the nails that have the French manicure with a little twist like autumn-colored tips. This looks amazing with a little pattern on the tip too. Check out my favorites below.

Pink and Black Tips

This manicure is simple and yet unique at the same time.

Coffin Nails with Brown Tips

Try coffin nails with french tips in your favorite fall colors.

Oval Nails with Orange Tips

This design is simple and classy.

Fall Polka Dot Tips

A polka dot design is always fun.

Fall Skittle Nails

The skittle nail trend is wearing different colors on each of your nails. This works great in autumn with all of the gorgeous fall hues like oranges, reds, browns, and deep purples. Check out some ideas below to pull off the look.

Simple Fall Skittle Nails

Here is a beautiful design for short nails.

Autumn Nail Colors

These fall colors look pretty in a matte finish.

Tortoise Shell Fall Nails

The tortoise shell nail trend started a couple of years ago and it’s still hot.  Check out some of my favorite fall torties below and then steal the style for yourself.

Fall Torties

Fall is the best time to try out torties because the colors will accentuate with your fall wardrobe perfectly.

Tortie Tips

For a more natural look try a French tip with a tortie pattern.

Brown Nails for Fall

Brown is the perfect nail color for fall. It matches nicely with all the autumn hues in your wardrobe.

Shine Sparkle and Matte Brown Nails

If you want to make a statement, try mixing finishes like shine, sparkle and matte or adding a design to one or more of your nails.

Brown Retro Nail Design

Retro design is all the rage right now.

Fall Skittle Nails with a Sparkle Accent

I love the look of a little sparkle on one of your autumn-colored nails.  Check out some of my favorite glitter accent nail ideas for fall below.

Fall Skittle Witch Nails

The most common nail to add sparkle to is your ring finger but mix it up and try it out on other fingers too.

Almond Dip Skittle Nails

The lighter shades of fall hues look stunning with a little glitter.

Nails with Autumn Leaves

The beautiful autumn leaves inspire so much of our fall fashion and décor. That’s why I love the idea of adding them to your nails. One or two accent nails would look amazing. Check out some ideas below to pull of the look.

Autumn Leaves Gel Nails

Short nails look cute with a little leaf pattern.

Fall Leaf Nail Decals

If you love the look of adding leaves to your nails check out the best sequins and decals to get you the look below.


Shades of Red Fall Nails

Shades of red look amazing on fall nails. Shades like burgundy, maroon and wine colors are hot this season. I love them because they remind me of the beautiful fall leaves. Check out some ideas below to pull off the fall red shades.

Burgundy Reverse French Fall Nails

Reverse French nails look hot in this shade of burgundy.

Burnt Brick Fall Nails

Burnt brick red is a bold choice in fall.

Halloween Nail Art

You can’t talk about fall nails without Halloween nails. This’s the perfect way to show you’re love for this holiday. There are tons of fun, playful and spooky nail ideas to try. Check out some of my favorite ideas below.

Skeleton Hands Gel Manicure

This skeleton nail design would be fun for Halloween.

Spooky Witch Nails

The witch shaped nails are perfect for Halloween.

Hand Painted Halloween Nails

Little Ghosts Halloween Nails

These would be an easy and cute nail design.

Almond Nails with Halloween Tips

Halloween Nail Decals and Stickers

If hand painting the Halloween nails is not in your wheel house no worries there are tons of Halloween nail stickers and decals that’ll give you the same look. Check out where to get them below.


Black Fall Nails

As you’re transitioning from the bright colors that you tried this summer there’s something refreshing about an all-black manicure. It pairs perfectly with your chunky boots and big sweaters.  Check out some ideas for black fall nails below.

OPI Black Onyx Nails

If you love this color it’s OPI black onyx and you can find it here.

A few black nails with a pop of color is really hot right now.

Animal Print Nails

Animal print will always be a fun fall nail trend. Cow print and leopard never go out of style. Try it on tips or an accent nail if you’re not ready to go full on animal print.  Check out the best ideas below to add a little animal print to your nails this fall.

Cow Print Gel Nails

Add a little gold foil to really set the animal print nails off.

If you love the cow print nails there are tons of easy options .

Leopard Accent Nail

Leopard is always a favorite for fall.

If you love leopard print nails but are not artistic are some options for you to steal the look.

Those Fall Neutral Nails

When I think of those fall neutral colors I think of soft beiges, tans and light brown. If you like a simpler neutral nail then try one of these colors for fall.

Fall Nude Swirl Nails

Shades of Green

I love green nails year round and during fall those deep greens are hot!  If you love them too check out some inspiration below.

OPI Green Nails

If you love this color it’s Things I’ve Seen Aber-Green and you can

Green and Nude Fall Nails

Fancy Tips

If you like the natural look but want to take it up a notch try adding a little color or design to your tips. This works with natural and acrylic nails and no matter the length. Check out some examples below.

Gold Tips Fall Nails

Almond Striped Tips

Square Black Tips

Matte Fall Nails

Matte is a really cool fall look. It just give those sophisticated but yet chill vibes at the same time. Plus, it looks hot in all the dark fall colors. See what I mean with the gorgeous matte nails below.

Brown Matte Autumn Nails

Black Matte Nails with Gold Flecks

Swirl Nails

If you really want your nails to stand out try a little swirl pattern. This is one of the hottest trends right now, it gives your nails a retro feel and it looks amazing in those fall hues. Check out some of my favorite swirl nails below.

Gel Fall Swirl Nails

Marble Nails

Marble nails in the beautiful Autumn color palette will give you all the fall feels. Check out what I mean below.

Long Square Fall Marble Nails

Plaid Nails

What says fall like plaid? You’re wearing your favorite flannels and plaid accessories so take your style up a notch by adding this fun print to your nails too! Check out some cute ideas below and then try it out yourself.

Fall Skittle Nails with a Touch of Plaid

Stamped Purple Plaid Fall Nails

One of a Kind Fall Nails

Do you want to have those fall nails that no one else has? Ever think of trying hand painted abstract faces or how about delicate butterflies on fall tips. Check out some inspiration below to set your nails apart from all others.

Fall Tips with Butterfly Accent Nails

Hand Painted Abstract Face Art

Fall Gel Nail Polish Sets

Now that you’ve got all the fall vibes if you want to do some DIY gel nails check out below the fall gel nail polish sets that I’m obsessed with right now.


My Favorite Fall Nail Polish Colors

I also wanted to show you the best fall colors for regular nail polish. Check them out below.


So, now you’ve seen the hottest fall nails for 2022 including sweater nails, tortoise shell, plaid, leopard print, plus, all the beautiful autumn shades. Hope you got inspired to try something new and fun this season. If you loved this post give it a share on your favorite social!

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