8 natural tips for dry and damaged feet

Do you have dry, cracked feet and can’t seem to get rid of the horn? It’s time to do something about it and fight painful cracking. More common in the summer, calluses frequently develop under the heels, which are stressed by flip-flops and barefoot walking. To feel good in your sneakers all year round, discover the tips and natural remedies that can eliminate the horniness of your feet and make them soft again.

1-Baking soda: a natural ally for foot health

Baking soda has many properties that make it interesting for the beauty and health of feet. It is very effective to fight against perspiration, small fungus and especially the horn that accumulates under the heels during the summer.

Soak your feet in a basin of lukewarm water to soften and make the skin of the feet more supple.
Mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda with a little olive oil to make a paste. The baking soda cleanses and removes excess skin while the olive oil nourishes the skin.
Rub and knead your feet with this preparation to remove dead skin. You can, if necessary, complete this treatment with a pumice stone in the most extreme cases.
Finally, rinse and apply a moisturizer.

2-A foot bath with lavender essential oil

To soften the horn and moisturize the skin of your feet, add a tablespoon of baking soda and 5 drops of organic lavender essential oil to a basin of warm water and leave your feet to soak for about 15 minutes.

3-Lemon against horniness and dry feet

After soaking your feet to soften the skin, rub the shriveled areas with a foot rasp. Then rub a lemon cut in half over the heels for a few minutes to remove the horn.

4-Olive oil and coarse salt

To naturally and effectively eliminate foot horn while moisturizing it, our grandmothers used olive oil and coarse salt to make a paste. Mix one part olive oil and one part coarse salt. Massage your feet with this mixture. Repeat this process every week to restore your feet to their former softness.

5-Cider vinegar to soften dry and cracked feet

To avoid having rough feet, organic cider vinegar can be of great help. Add a little sea salt and cider vinegar to a basin of water and let your feet soak for 15 minutes. The cider vinegar helps relax the skin and limits the appearance of small cracks. Then use a pumice stone and moisturize the dry areas thoroughly.

6-Natural exfoliating care for rough heels

To give back to your feet all their softness and to fight against horniness, use Mamie & Co exfoliating soaps. Thanks to the presence of organic vegetable oils and lavender flowers, rosemary or apricot kernel powder, these soaps exfoliate and nourish in depth. Once a week, use your cold-saponified exfoliating soap by making circular movements on your heels. It removes dead skin before it can build up to form calluses and moisturizes skin to relieve thirsty feet

7-Cool lavender to exfoliate skin

If your feet aren’t in such bad shape, lavender flowers should be enough to make them soft again. Pick some lavender and put it in a basin with a little bit of water. Using a handful of lavender flowers, start rubbing your dry feet and heels. There’s no need to rinse, as lavender not only softens and removes dead skin, but also leaves a pleasant scent on your feet and legs.

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