5 Wide Leg Pants Women Styles Approved by Fashion Bloggers

Skinny jeans aren’t a big thing anymore, all fashion icons and fashion bloggers are turning into the new, high, chick, modern, expensive way which mostly all about wearing oversized pieces which come in all. From maxi pleated skirts that we have covered before to oversize blazer, sweatshirts, dresses, and of course pants. Wide leg pants women have become a big fashion item this year and you might saw all around the social fashion platforms and at stores as well. But, for sure we get intimidated buy new things and we most of the time afraid of the expertise. Most of the time, when you want to change in your look whether the way you dress or the way you style your hair and wearing makeup lots of hesitation comes with it.

Will I look good? Am I gonna make a fool of myself? What if everything went wrong? So, to shorten all that hustle for you we figured some of the most successful and easy to achieve wide leg pants styles according to expertise. We at girlsinsights always look for practicality and looking good in every possible way. That’s why these following styles can be worn to any occasion or event you’re heading to and you will feel comfy and happy with the way you look

Put your hands on wide leg pants women and enjoy these looks

Wear wide leg pants with a long coat

You know, long coats are a big trend in winter 2020. So it would be nice to coordinate them with wide leg pants for women. This will give you a loose and comfortable look during the long hours of the day at work. Just wear a short top above the waist below the petticoat, or you can put it inside your pants. You can also put the coat on your shoulders without wearing it to give you a different and distinctive look.



Coordinate wide pants with loose pullovers

Choose wide leg pants in bright colors with loose pullover to give your look some happy vital vibes. Try to have the length of the pullover at the waist of the pants but if it is long, you can put it inside the pants. The monochrome look will be a perfect choice. Try as much as possible that the pullover is not too loose, so you can give your look a more modern pro stylish approach without looking old or way out of style.


Wide leg pants women


Ways to wear a wide leg with a blazer

I think this look would be the favorite wide leg pants women style of many, so you can simply get a casual or practical look … for example, if you want a look for work or an important meeting or attend an official event. You can choose a suitable size blazer, up to the waist. Or wear a long, slightly loose blazer with a waist belt to define your body. Also, it is preferable that the color of the blazer be close to the color of the pants. If you want a casual look, choose the wide-legged jeans with a loose blazer and a tight top at the bottom or a shirt placed inside the pants.



How to wear wide leg pants with shoes

Choosing shoes with wide pants seems a little difficult. But in any case, we will not leave you without our assistance. If you like casual looks, there is nothing better than choosing sneakers with wide pants, as it is a comfortable and practical look for the day hours. If you are looking for a more elegant look for work, for example, you can resort to short boots that reach the length of the ankle or high boots, especially those with a pointed head. Of course, open toe sandals will be a good choice with wide pants in the evening if you’re heading for a party.


 wide leg trousers


Wide leg pants for short girls

Many short girls think that they can’t wear wide trousers, but this is completely wrong. All you have to do is learn how to coordinate wide trousers with your body so it elevates your look even more.

1- Choose wide-legged pants, which will give your legs a longer look. Which means don’t go for the squared wide cut, go for the slender one that will give your leg more length and make your body looks more fitted. Also, go for the high waist wide leg pants as they will sperate your upper and lower body parts perfectly making your lower part longer and your upper part smaller.

2- Wear wide leg pants with high heels, this will also give your height an extra centimeter. If you don’t like wearing heels go for high sneakers, not those flat ones.


Wide leg pants women


3- Wide leg pants women come in different shapes, from medium to wide and from loose to a large extent. So try to choose the average shape so that it doesn’t show you shorter.

4- Avoid choosing a loose top or oversized sweatshirts. Go for tight ones that can show your body figures and create a contrast between your body parts.

5- If you want to wear a wide leg pants with a long coat, it is preferable to choose a monochrome look. Meaning that the coat or top must be the same color as the pants. That’s for not creating too much spot on your height instead,on your figure and extensive allure.


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