Capsule Wardrobe Ideas Anyone Can Nail

When you go for a capsule wardrobe you want to save money and help yourself nail your look every single time without having to spend a couple of hours each time you go out. The goal of these capsule wardrobe ideas is to give you a simple guide that you can easily approach without spending thousands of dollars. It depends on what you have in hand and what you like. Another good thing about this wardrobe is that you can easily transit from season to another with little replacements. For example, you can take your winter wardrobe into spring and summer by replacing sweaters with light tees, boots with flats and sandals, coats with lighter jackets.

Let’s dive in and save our notes on these capsule wardrobe ideas

Pick your basic colors

Any wardrobe must-have basic colors that you can rely on for any look you go for. These basic colors for your basic pieces like bottoms from jeans to skirts and pants. I like navy blue colors for jeans and black for skirts. You should pick the colors you like to be in, maybe white or even dark green. Don’t stick the known basic colors, you just pick one that you like to wear because we gonna use it in different ways not only once. The aim is to create hundreds of looks with the least pieces, that’s why you need to be smart about your choices.

Capsule Wardrobe Ideas

Choose main tops colors

As basic colors go for bottoms. tops need to have a certain theme of colors in order to create the best capsule wardrobe ideas that suit your taste. I like neutral colors like light gray, white, light yellow, and beige. Other girls love heavy bold colors like matte: purple, hot pink, red, orange, heavy blue. No matter your approach is, pick three or four that you will style hundreds of times for your daily look. Don’t pick colors twice which means if you pick a certain color for bottom don’t pick for tops and vise versa. One thing you should put in mind while choosing the colors is that it must be suitable for all seasons. The aim is to not spend a huge amount of money every couple of months, so if you went for colors like matt palate remember that you may not be able to wear in a certain season. But if you like to put your style out there without following a yearly fashion guide go for what you love and don’t limit yourself.

Don’t pick colors according to what you have in your wardrobe, pick the colors you like and then see if you have a match of in stock if not buy what you just need. Again colors must have the same line you can’t put nude and purple together. Before you choose any color for your tops, imagine what this color will be for. A blouse, tee, knit, sweater as well try to imagine how you will this piece of color in different ways to look unique each single time. What we wear reflects who we are, so make sure that all colors suit your personality and your daily lifestyle as well. You can only incorporate jeans to your wardrobe if you are a working woman, you need more texture and layers to have a fresh look everyday you hit work in order to leave the right impression in your place. And even if you aren’t a working woman don’t pack your wardrobe with tees or chemises, you need more fabric and different cuts because they will stay with you for months and we don’t want to feel anxious or bored about our style.

Capsule Wardrobe Ideas

You need some Patterns

The goal of these capsule wardrobe ideas is to have a balanced style that can fit our lifestyles which means: fresh, renewable, unique, and fashion-forward. Any wardrobe should have some patterns and you can pick yours for any piece of clothing you like whether skirts, dresses, pants, blouses or tees. You can go for four pattern pieces of clothes or less if you don’t like that much. Horizontal striped patterns, floral patterns, and animal patterns are the basic pattern you can find in any fashionable wardrobe If you like other patterns go for them. Make sure that these patterns colors go with other basic and essential colors you add so you don’t lose your theme.

Capsule Wardrobe Ideas

Layers are essential

Layers is the best way to look polish when you aim for an expensive look without trying too hard or spending money on new items. For example, if you want to upgrade a smart casual look for work. Nice blazer well upgrade your look from jeans and tee to look like a fashionista. kimonos as well are nice way to layer your outfits in summer. Camel coats, jeans jackets, ad leather jackets are essential ways to add texture into your wardrobe.

Capsule Wardrobe Ideas

Set your basic accessories

Shoes and bags are the last tips you need in these capsule wardrobe ideas. White sneakers always essential for a quick run to the store or just a nice walk in the park. Other shoes you can go for will be a pair of flats, a pair of heels, a pair of ankle boots, and of course pair pf sandals for summertime. You can go for basic colors when picking your shoes as well from nudes to black and brown. The same colors go for bags from cross ones to tote bags that we can’t complete our wardrobe without and of course a handbag for those smart days. Don’t forget about accessories like sunnies and cute earrings, lovely necklaces, and of course a simple bracelet goes along with your watch.

Capsule Wardrobe Ideas

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