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Keto snacks are low in carbs, contain plenty of proteins and fats, and are very low in sugars. They are appropriate for someone on a ketogenic diet. For such a person, when you need to bite a snack between meals or have little time, keto snacks come in handy. There is quite a variety of delicious keto snacks that one can choose from. These snacks are not only fast to make, but are actually sweet and savory, and meet the requirements of a keto diet which is low in carbs and sugars but high in proteins and healthy fats and fiber. The best keto snacks will not only be low in carbs but will contain slow carbs from fiber as well as contain high fats from the healthiest sources. These snacks will thus be nutritious as they will also contain high-quality proteins and healthy fats that are not harmful to the heart.

On average, the urge to take snacks diminishes in two to three months when one has been consistently eating foods low in carbs. The snacks now become convenient for side dishes and mini meals.


Nitrate-free jerky is the best choice. But, better still, you can make one yourself. Jerky bought from the stores may contain plenty of additives that may add to the overall carb count, hence it is advisable to read the labels keenly before buying. Old Wisconsin Beef Snack Sticks are very low in carbohydrates and delicious too.

Hard Boiled Eggs

These are great snacks that are high in fat and quick and easy to make. Make an egg salad: chop two eggs, add salt, pepper and full-fat mayo (or salad dressing). Another great option it to add chopped eggs on top of a plate of sliced avocado. Alternatively, you can chop the eggs over a plate of mixed greens or simply eat the eggs plain with salt.

Veggie Sticks

Veggie sticks are low carb snacks that can be cut ahead of time and stored in containers in the fridge.

• Wrap the vegetables in cheese that is low in carbs.

• Dip into any high-fat salad dressing.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is unflavored and is very low in carbs. It has many health benefits and can also aid in losing weight when eaten in the right manner.

• 80% of serving of cocoa or other higher dark chocolate contains 2-3 grams of carbs.

• 70% of serving of cocoa chocolate has approximately 3.5 grams of carbs.

It is recommended to buy the unsweetened chocolate over the artificially sweetened as contains low sugars.

Keto Mousse

Into a fat burning keto mousse, add a teaspoon of protein powder and a half teaspoon of coconut oil.

Chocolate Mousse

Mix unsweetened cocoa powder with 3 tablespoons of heavy cream with vanilla.

Nibble Wings

Nibble wings are great foods low in carbs. They can be used together with seasonings, sauces, and flavors, so one can experiment on these.

Meat Bites

More effort is required to prepare these. However, they can be prepared and frozen for later consumption. Barbecue sauce or Jerk Caribbean spice can be used to if you need a stronger flavor.

Deviled Eggs

• Fill the eggs with chopped meats, chopped nuts or veggies.

• Mix yolks with full-fat toppings such as mustard or mayo.

Stuffed Mushrooms

The best mushrooms for stuffing are Cremini and Portobello caps. They are rich in fiber and firm. Since the mushroom cups are also porous, it makes it easy for absorption of marinades and spices.

• Stuff the caps with fresh ingredients.

• Can be taken cold or baked from the oven. • Stuff with veggies, Italian seasoning, cheese, bacon and baked spinach.

• The stuffing should be made ahead of time then fill the caps and refrigerate them.

Check out our recipe for white cheddar stuffed mushrooms here!

MCT Macadamia Keto Hummus

Blend ground macadamia nuts with spices and MCT oil. The resulting mock hummus is high in fat.

Nut Butter Packets

Justin’s Nut Butters are ideal for anywhere outside the home such as school or work.

Our Favorite? The Cashew Nut Butters from Elavi, hands down!

Spreads and Dips

Spreads and dips are convenient as they require minimal time for planning and can remain fresh in the fridge for quite some time. They can be made savory, tangy, sweet and spicy. Cheesy avocado, low carb salsa, curry chicken jalapeno, and sweet onion are excellent choices. Lettuce leaves, peppers and tomatoes make low carb dips.

Check out these dip recipes here!

Bacon Wraps

Wrap your veggies or cheese with fried bacon. Make a bacon sandwich with two slices of cheese as the replacement for bread. Though more time consuming, you can wrap uncooked bacon around foods that contain proteins such as fish and chicken. After wrapping them, secure them in place with a toothpick and bake.

Berry Ice Cream

Chill a bowl in the cooler for 30 minutes before you begin to make this.

• Pour half a cup of frozen fruit of your choice into the bowl.

• Add eight tablespoons of coconut or heavy cream

• Stir with a spoon to fully mix them. Adding the fruit makes the cream solid producing a frozen yogurt that is low in carbs. To sweeten it, you can add a little vanilla, cinnamon or drops of stevia.

Seeds and Nuts

First and foremost, season and then roast walnuts, almonds, and pecans. Ranch, worcestershire, salt, pepper, ginger, garlic, a splash of citrus, curry, garlic, or any favorite spice/herb can be added as a seasoning. Add or spread flavored cream cheese between pecan halves for a mini sandwich or nutty fat bomb.

Pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, pepitas seeds, sunflower seeds are all great choices, to name a few..

Keto Approved Bread

Soul bread has 1 gram net carb per slice. Great for when one is craving the taste of sandwich, French toast, hamburger bun or muffin. Its recipe is free of gluten and flour, contain high protein and easy to make without rising. The final product tastes and feels like bread.

Our favorite? Sola Keto Bread

Cheese and Deli Meat

Begin by preparing meat and cheese, then apply toppings limited in carbs such as cheese cream and mustard and cover them together. Slice cheese, veggies and meat in pieces of your preference adding herbs and olive oil. Once done store, in the fridge.

Pepperoni Slice

When paired with cheese it becomes more delicious and also when sliced in small quantities makes it a great snack. Pepperoni can have calories added into it.

Cold Cuts and Cheese Roll-ups

Start with ham, turkey, roast beef or one’s preferred lunchmeat and wrap it around a slice of your favorite cheese for a quick low-carb snack.


When paired with peanut butter or creamed cheese spread on top, it provides a delicious and tasteful snack.

Low-Carb Tortilla and Cheese

Have your favorite cheese, then put some spices in. Place in a low-carb tortilla. Place it in a microwave until it melts, and once ready, enjoy.


For a quarter of a cup, there is below 2.5 gram of net carbs making them a suitable option for keto dieters.

String Cheese

It is simple and easy and can be taken on its own or taken together with a couple of slices of pepperoni. Always go for the full-fat versions as the low-fat versions often include unhealthy additives and more carbs.

Pork Rinds

The best option is Lowrey’s. Hot N’ Spicy and the Original are excellent flavors. Microwaveable pork rinds offer a crunchy, salty snack that can substitute potato chips and crackers. You can also make some pork rind nachos and crumple them up to use as faux-breadcrumbs for frying chicken.

Other great keto snacks include:

• Sunflower Seeds

• Low Carb Chili

• Oopsie Rolls

• Low Carb Quesadilla

• Sugar-Free Jello

• Bacon Covered Jalapeño Poppers

• Turkey Jerky

• Guacamole

• Sugar-Free Popsicles

• Avocado

• Broccoli and Cheese

• Iced Coffee

• Pancakes

• Low Carb Cookies

• Fat Bombs

• Roast Chicken

• Tuna Salad Wrap

• Pickles

• Spinach or Kale Chips

• Portabello Potato Skins 

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