Best Eid Hijab Summer Outfits To Get The Chic Gathering Vibes

A few days and it will be easy for us to celebrate Eid al-Adha, which is why most girls are looking for modest clothing models to enjoy the celebration and the summer vibes. And because I always think that Eid clothes should be comfortable and elegant, especially if you are organizing an exit with your friends, then your elegance must be in the first place. So we picked up these different cute hijab summer outfits from which you can draw and coordinate Eid exit clothes.

Get ready for Eid with these fun hijab summer outfits

Layered dresses

If you think about fashionable hijab fashion in summer 2020; it lies in the casual dresses with tiered dresses on the top of modest fashion wear, chosen by most fashion bloggers. Attention has also been paid to choosing colorful dresses to ensure a lively summer look. It can also be your choice on Eid al-Adha if you are going to the beach.

Pleated skirt

There are a lot of girls looking for stylish hijabi outfits and this pleated skirt is the best choice. You can pair it with the loose sleeves top and high heel shoes. Or try to adopt it with a long blouse and show its front part; don’t forget to glam it up with a pair of heeled mulse.

Hijab summer outfits

Crop Top

You can get a funky modern look by trying a crop top with a white shirt, which has become one of the hottest fashions for summer 2020 not only for hijab. You can pair this look with colored jeans and turban; figure to adopt it with sneakers or high heel sandals according to your taste and where you are heading.

hijab summer outfits
hijab summer outfits


If you are looking for hijab summer outfits that give you a sense of freedom while on the move and a modern look, then definitely nothing is better than a colored jumpsuit. It will give you a lively look like fashion bloggers. Take care of matching it with a sneaker in the morning look. In the afternoon and evening, choose it with the high heel strappy sandals.

Kaftan and Eid Abaya

If you are going to spend the Eid at home, then there is nothing better than choosing a new look that adds attractive guise to your family gathering. You can try wearing the abaya or kaftan, whether colored or printed in bright shades, for a suitable look for the feast. If you are looking for a djellaba with a simple oriental design, you can try a Tunisian style one.

Wide Leg Waist pants

Wide leg waist pants are one of the essential pieces in any girl’s wardrobe, as it is one of the most prominent fashion in the summer of 2020. This could be one of the best hijab summer outfits for a classic Eid look. Just take care of choosing the model that fits your taste in terms of material or the size of the leg cut depending on your texture, then choose the top piece that you can coordinate with as a blouse with sleeves or a simple T-shirt.

Hijab  summer outfits

Statement Skirt

There are a lot of skirt styles popular with hijab summer outfits for 2020, every design you can choose according to your exit time or your body shape. If you are skinny, you can try a pleated skirt to go with a simple blouse or shirt in the afternoon look, if classic. But if you want to try a fluffy maxi or short skirt, it fits with the strength of any girl and you can pull off in the morning with a top and in the afternoon choose it with a blouse or shirt. You can also try a Ruffle skirt that fits with a girl who has some curves like an hourglass.

hijab summer outfits

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