30 Simple White T Shirt Outfits We Are Living for This Summer

You must have many of these simple white t shirt that you bought for 10$ at a target sale. Probably, you wear these t-shirts when shopping for groceries or you stack within your wardrobe. But, this summer white shirts are styled with most chic, minimalistic, and neat looks. You must have stumbled upon couple looks through your Instagram feeds; they are nothing but comfy and fashion-forward. Before you get bored with your summer looks or saving money for new styles, check out these achievable outfits.

Let’s serve simple white t shirt as the summer outfit inspiration to end all outfit inspiration posts

Monochromatic Colors

The easiest way to create a chic yet comfy and laid-back look is by achieving monochromatic vibes. Style your favorite white shirt with white pants and top it all with a white pair of sneakers. It’s a nice look if you have a casual gathering or you want to enjoy the city breeze air.

Cropped Black Pants

Black and white combination would never let you down. This iconic fashion style never goes out of date, you can wear over and over yet looking trendy and hit the point. You can work it both ways; whether for Sunday morning lazy vibes or pairing with heels and a nice bag achieving smart casual guise for a fancy lunch.

simple white t shirt

The basic jeans

Waite! Jeans and white shirts again. It might seem boring and you likely wear this every time you run out of inspiration and motivation to put on something nice, but it stills one of the best neat relaxed looks. Maybe, cropped jeans and a nice pair of shoes topped with a classy bag can turn you to a rocking Instagram fashion influencer.

Miniskirt and Blazer

This iconic outfit is fashionistas and influencers look of all time, you must have seen it hundreds of times on IG or Pinterest. It is very simple, yet it looks damn chic that you want to sleep in it. You can wear it wherever you go, name the place and this outfit will suit it.

Silk skirt

Sick of wearing your simple white t shirt with pants and jeans! Try out silk midi skirts (Warning, you might quit jeans after trying this out), it will take your lam basic white tee into another dimension. If you are searching for summery vibes the next time you are out, go with this look.

simple white t shirt

Skinny jeans and Heeled Mules

Skinny jeans and white shirts might be the most boring outfit ever, but some little magic touches adapted by fashion bloggers can change the way your whole outfit looks. Heeled mules paired with a shoulder bag and minimal pieces of accessories will elevate the whole style into expensive guise you can wear for work or even a casual date.

Denim Biker Shorts

Before you turn your oversize simple white t shirt into some cleaning clothes or even if you thinking of dying it, take a closer look at this outfit. This happens to be the viral look of this summer. Denim biker shorts are virally taking over and white shirts are like their twins. Next time you are going for gelato or a walk on the beach give this year trend a try.

simple white t shirt

High Waist Pants

White tees should be a piece of your piece work wardrobe, they are easily styled and gives you that fashion icon vibes. If you are completely burnt with your workwear on Monday morning, get your white shirt out and pair with any high waist pants you have. Top that with a scarf around the neck and of course don’t forget your power heels.

Causal Suite

Another workwear outfit you can’t nail without your basic simple white t shirt. Suits have become a staple of every work capsule wardrobe, to achieve that look like a pro don’t let go on the white tee.

High waist A-Line Skirt

Another monochromatic look to upgrade a simple 10$ shirt into a minimal luxurious allure. It’s a great summer outfit for a fancy brunch with your significant other. Add some life to the look with heeled sandals and maybe a statement sunnies.

simple white t shirt

Blazer Again

Blazers have become a fundamental piece of outfit and if you have a thing for them, then you might own a couple or more. A simple white t shirt plain, graphic, or printed can upgrade the boring feature of your blazer.

simple white t shirt

Denim Shorts

A classic casual look for every summertime and vacations, it will never go out of date and you can always rely on.

Cotton Long Skirt

If you have a long skirt that you own from son long, but you trashing in the way wardrobe corner it is time to bring it out. A simple white t shirt tucked in a long cotton skirt will create a vintage summery look. Flat sandals and a couple of bracelets might give it some hippie wild vibes too.

simple white t shirt

Animal Print Knee-Length Skirt

Another summer low key look you can easily achieve. Wear this skirt with a cropped white tee or you can tie it into a knot to add some life to the outfit.

Strappy Slip-on Silk Dress

The next time you look at slip-on dresses don’t pass and get yours immediately. You don’t need to worry about going braless with this look anymore. Wear your cute simple white t shirt under the dress to cover on your bra and enjoy these heavenly chic soft dresses.

Leopard Print Silk Skirt

Another minimalistic outfit to go for the white tee stack you own. Strappy toe sandals will suit this look perfectly.

simple white t shirt

Mini Leather Skirt

This cool chick outfit can be your next concert outfit. Pair with a coat or jacket if things got cold and add your comfy white sneakers to dance as much as you can.

White Belted Trousers

One word, monochromatic. French girl style never goes wrong. Get out of that serious cliche work outfit and try out this extensive, trendy, modern, luxurious, and minimal look. The scarf is a plus too!

simple white t shirt

Oversize Vibes

When it is getting hotter out there, you aren’t in the mood for wearing something toasting you inside out. That’s why oversized pieces are the best outfits to put your hands on at that time of the year. Wear your oversized simple white t-shirt over comfy mom-fit jeans and you are ready to go.

simple white t shirt

Stripped Bow Hight Waisted Shorts

Another easy summer looks for your white tees. You can work it both ways whether casual or fancy; Your white sneakers/flats or your heels can direct this look.

Cream Long Skirt

If you are on a vacation and you search for a chic and easy way to dress for going out, neutral colors are your BFF to work it out. The cropped simple white tee and the long cream color skirt are the best way to look awesome without looking like you are trying too much.

simple white t shirt

Sport Biker Shorts

If you passed through a hard week at work and you just want to go out and have fun, but still have no energy to figure what to wear, put on your sports biker short and your favorite white shirt. It is easy, beautiful, and comfy (What else you need!).

simple white t shirt

Cream Denim Mini Skirt

We have mentioned monochromatic looks and neutral colors like 4 times till now (you guess the number in the comments!), it is the best way to look chic and neat without spending too much time in the closet. The mini cream skirt will look so cute topped with a simple white t shirt. Maybe a light trench coat too if you are going out at night.

simple white t shirt

Blue Trouser and Yellow Blazer

This combination of colors can give your white tshirt more than you ever thought it will achieve. It is the kind of outfit for heavy days where you have no energy to dress for work. but you still wanna make an impression.

simple white t shirt

Withdraw Mini Skirt

Playful and cute look for summer, you can’t find any piece that can actually make this skirt stand out other than your simple white t shirt. Tie your tee into a knot or if you are a bit lazy just tuck it in.


Running late for a brunch with friends and you need to look nice but you only have only 5 minutes to e out, throw your white shirt and overalls…That’s it!

white tee outfits

Shirt Dress

Turn your oversize white tshirt into a shirt dress the next time you are going out in the sun and you will become addicted to this style the whole summer.

With jacket jeans

Another stable in our wardrobes we always wear whether it is day or night, for work or when we meeting up with friends and family or even if it is a date.

Printed Dress

Last but not least, let’s finish this outfit look book with a piece we all have but might think of as out of date or a bit boring. It’s, of course, our strappy printed dress, you must have one hiding somewhere too.

simple white t shirt

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