Slouchy Pants Taking OVER And We Sharing The Best Styling Ideas

Modest outfits are spreading very fast; it’s a fashion approach started by Muslims although it happened to gain more popularity and like among a wide variety of women around the world. Who doesn’t want to feel comfy and stunning at the same time, you don’t need to wear a tight pair of jeans any more to emphasize your look the best way possible. Due to that slouchy pants have become a popular fashion trend this summer and we’re obsessed about here in Girlsinsights. They aren’t every suitable occasion kind of clothes, although you can pull off for casual meet with friends or even an edgy workwear style. Keep on reading if you like to experience new style or just not get so sweaty through the summer heat.

Trade your thick pair of jeans with these slouchy pants outfits

With a Bodysuits

Pairing your slouchy jeans with simple yet chic bodysuits will create that perfect balance so you’re not overdoing your look. This look will be great for a nice brunch or lunch gathering with your squad. You can complete it with strappy flat sandals and of course, your sunnies, waist bag will be perfect for that look too. If you want to make it sexier go for strappy heels and a light cross bag. You can also accessories with a belt to make the pant stand out even more.

slouchy pants
slouchy pants

Blazers for Some Style

If you like to be more artistic and sophisticated with the way you look then you definitely must give this style. It’s more of a work-ish loose allure you don’t wanna miss. To make this look achievable try an upper monochromatic theme so you don’t worry that much about what goes with which. A black crop top and black blazer can make your denim slouchy pant s pretty extensive. Finish the look with sandals, cross bag, and sunnies.

A Cute Puff Sleeves Blouse Is All you Need

If you’re planning for a meetup with your significant other and want to look super cute and sexy but not like trying too hard, slouchy pants and a puff sleeves blouse will be the right equation for you. You can spice the look with a hint of red in your lipstick and heels as well. If you more of a hippie holistic then a runch crop top and mulse are all you need to glam up for that date. Don’t forget to accessories with something like a gold chain necklace or maybe a cute headband.

slouchy pants
slouchy pants

Knitted Sweater Spirit

If you love the whole 90’s vibes then you will fall in love with this whole style. A pair of white sneakers and a small shoulder will make this whole guise just unresistible for any casual call with friends and family. If you work from home you don’t need to wear your PJ all day long, this can be a comfy easy way to set intention for work. Consider some accessories like sweat socks, hair clip, or set of rings.

Jeans Jacket Is a Must

You can’t style a piece of cloth without matching it with your favorite jeans jacket Whether it’s oversize, cropped, ripped, black, or white you name what you gotta pull it off. For slouchy pants, it would be nice to match with cropped jeans jacket and a basic shirt underneath. Since it’s summer, it’d be lovely to add some colors. This can be for your slouchy pants itself something like cream or maybe a pastel-colored slipper.

Graphic Shirt Can’t Be Missed

You must one favorite graphic tee that you love to wear with anything, well nothing can pull off a goofy party look like this style. You don’t have to cram yourself in a pair of skinny jeans that barely breathe in. Get loose and enjoy this expensive effortless look, don’t forget your heels to complete the vibe. Whether you tuck or tie the shirt it doesn’t matter, maybe a golden piece of jewelry is what you miss.

slouchy pants
slouchy pants

Sometimes All You Need is a Scarf

One piece can change your look completely, this what can a scarf do for regular slouchy pants and white blouse. If you only wear them, you might get those lame boring vibes, but when you add the scarf as a belt the look will just flip into something more stylish, smart, and creative. A huge piece of jewelry would be an add too, try a chunky bracelet.

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